This blog is documenting my experience as a winterover in Antarctica for the 2012 season. I am a scientist on the South Pole Telescope project. We are using microwave emissions from the sky to look back to the beginning of the universe. As this blog matures, I’ll post more about the science, but I’ll mostly be talking about my experiences at the South Pole.

11 thoughts on “About

    • Hey Jon,

      Got a call from N and he said the PUCT hoodie got some attention… from a woman member of PUCT ’99! We need details! We need jpegs!

  1. I’m so happy you’re doing this! I can’t wait to read all of your updates and think about your frozen nose 🙂

  2. There’s a picture of you at pole.uchicago.edu/blog. That coat is too big and next time comb your hair before getting a picture.

  3. “I’m looking forward to finally setting up my lab space the way I want it, and reconfiguring the computers.”

    What kind of a lab do you have there? Electronics for detectors, etc? Cryo? Software for data analysis?

  4. Glen thought that the pods on the sides of the LC-130s, right where the words, National Science Foundation”, are placed, looked like JATOs. But on takeoff, they didn’t show any emissions.”

  5. Really basic question: who are you? How did you ever get down there? (And the answer isn’t that you flew and your arms are really tired now!)

  6. Hi Nicholas,
    That is a cool project you are on. Just how cool is it? Ha Ha. Anyway, what skills are needed to operate the SPT throughout winter? And, are you having fun yet?
    Bruce (husband to your cousin, Shine)

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